change peoples attitude towards people with a learning disability

Please join this campaign:

swap places with me

help people understand how it.feels to have a disability
working with bromley police,bus company and local schools to promote respect
11am to 2pm

25 september
outside intu elmfield road/high street

more signatures

more signatures

these are just a few of the hundreds we collected

Campaign at Intu Bromley June 2014

Campaign at Intu Bromley June 2014

r word promises

r word promises

spreading the word!

Campaign at Intu Bromley

On 10th June, Sparks and Speaking Up group members joined together for our biggest Respect event yet!

They spent the whole day at Intu Bromley talking to people about hate crime. They collected hundreds of signatures. People promised not to use words like ‘retard’ and ‘spaz.’
We had fantastic support from Bromley Safer Transport police and from James Cleverly, our patron.

Here is what people said:
“It’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing.”
“You touched my heart.”
“We are behind you.”
“Retard is not a good word. It should be cut out altogether.”

Bromley Safer Transport Police - fantastic support!

Bromley Safer Transport Police – fantastic support!

James Cleverly, London Assembly member and our patron, tweets a selfie!

James Cleverly, London Assembly member and our patron, tweets a selfie!

New street campaign!

New street campaign planned for Tuesday 10th June 2014!

We will be at Intu Bromley all day, asking people to sign the promise and giving information about hate crime.

Come and support us!

info on mate crime

Have a look at this useful website

R -factor

R-factor is talking about people with learning disabilities
and showing respect. We had a big event on the 28th . We had work shops and performances. We haJ important people like our patron James Cleverly, London Assembly member. We had the Carbonators band from Croydon. we had speaking up group members from Bexley Bromley and Greenwich.
Take a hard look at yourself. Look at others when you are out. Understand each other. Don’ t judge. Change your attitude to people with a learning disability.

Disability hate crime conference and DVD!

We have been part of the Disability hate crime conference at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley on 17 July 2013.  We produced a drame/dance performance piece together with Magpie dance.  This was to show how hate crime has affected us and to help change people’s attitudes.  A DVD is being made and we will use it in police training and to go into schools.  Contact us if you would like us to come to you and show it!