The Respect Campaign wants to stop people using words like ‘retard’ and ‘spaz’.

“We want to be respected, not treated like dirt.”

“Just a stupid little word can make your self esteem crumble.”

“It’s about time this stopped!”

People with a learning difficulty face bullying and abuse every day.

Serious abuse can start with name-calling.  So let’s stop it.

Respect everyone!

So far, we have done 4 street events in Bromley, Bexleyheath, Erith and Orpington. We take information about the campaign and get people to sign our promise: “We promise never to use the R word” We have hundreds of signatures.

We have gone to a primary school to talk to the older children about respect. We taught them a rap which they liked so much they showed the rest of the school! We hope to go into more schools.


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  1. Lets all pull together and stop this we even have the backing of thee Newshopper they said “Equality campaigners have been reising awareness about hate crime against people with learning difficulties. More than 200 people pledged not to use the word “retard” again in Bromley High ST”

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